Cozy Lightroom Presets for Easy Photo Editing 

Rediscover your love for photo editing with my signature cozy lightroom presets. Timeless golden hues and warm enough to hug – these presets work under any lighting conditions to gently enhance each and every client gallery you deliver.   

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Timeless lightroom presets for desktop

My preset suite is designed to give you a strong foundation for all of your photography edits.

With the confidence to shoot under any location or lighting conditions including indoors, outdoors, studios, evening and nighttimes – my lightroom presets for desktop allow you to consistently deliver high quality, vibrant galleries to your clients that feel as warm and cozy as the photoshoot itself. 

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All of the cozy feels, none of the editing stress 

What’s Included?

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I want your experience as a photographer to be easeful and joyful from first inquiry through to final edits. And my cozy lightroom presets promise to take care of the editing part. To see you through edits under any conditions, this lightroom presets for desktop includes: 

→ 3 color presets 

→ 3 black and white presets 

→ Designed to be used in Adobe Lightroom + ACR

→ Desktop presets for RAW images

→ Easy-to-follow PDF installation instructions

Because of the nature of digital products, all Cozy Lightroom Presets purchases are final and non-refundable. However, if you’re having any difficulties, I encourage you to join my education mailing list for tips & tricks, or reach out with a question. 

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— michael, MSM Image

PWJ 3 is my favorite! I love these presets! Over the years I (as I'm sure many other photographers) have invested so much money on presets. These are by far my favorite. They are super versatile in pretty much every lighting situation and also user friendly! I am so happy with them!

"I have invested so much money on presets. These are by far my favorite."


PWJ 1-3 presets add depth, warmth and a sprinkle of rosiness that makes you fall even more in love with an image. I am also a sucker for B&W photos and PWJ 4 & 5 give me the variety I need! When I edit with PWJ 4, it gives me more contrast and textures, while PWJ 5 softens my point of interest for a more romantic look. Don’t walk - RUN to get these latest presets from Jill.

"Don't walk - RUN to get these latest presets from Jill!"


"These presets are THE perfect base edit and still allows me to edit in my own unique way. I use all of them and they are absolutely amazing!"

"I use all of them and they are absolutely amazing!!"

Jill's Lightroom presets are BOMBBBB! Such a perfect start to creating your own from her expertise. I love them ALL!!! Go get her presets now, people. 

Seriously, thank you for everything Jill!

"You NEED to get her presets now, people!!"


I’m here to support you every step of the way 

I’m immensely passionate about empowering fellow photographers to build and nurture a thriving photography business that enriches your life and has your clients grinning from ear to ear. And my cozy lightroom presets are just the beginning. I offer heartfelt mentorship programs and online courses to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make photography your forever career – however that looks for you.

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