Together, let’s build the photography business of your dreams

Whether you’re a budding photographer, or have been snapping professionally for a while, I’m here to pass my batton of wisdom onto you with mentorship and courses rooted in practical advice and human insight. Under my wing, I’ll empower you to build a thriving photography business that enriches your life and the lives of your clients.

Photography education library

Education that propels your photography journey forward 

While taking photos will always be my one-true love, teaching photographers how to grow their own business has quickly become a cornerstone of my creative endeavors. I feel it’s part of my purpose to help others get their dreams off the ground and turn their passion into an outlet that’s lifegiving to themselves and others, just as I have.

I shadowed countless photographers and took every opportunity to be behind the lens, which gave me lots of practical experience. But it’s the online educational resources I discovered that completely changed the game; allowing me to learn on my own terms, hone my skills, and build the confidence I now have behind the camera.

I’m living proof that investing in photography education can elevate your business in the best way possible. Now, I’m passing my knowledge, insights and experience to you, helping you blossom into the photographer you’ve always wanted to be.

Back when I became serious about making photography my career, I sought out every bit of education I could.


Heartfelt advice, from one photographer to another

One-time virtual session

Join me for a two-hour online chat about all things photography business. Whether you're a beginner or you've been at this for a while, bring your photography questions, and we’ll explore the answers together.


Monthly meetup

Looking for practical steps to level up your photography business with a more intimate approach? Each month, we’ll sit down for a whole hour (virtually or in-person) and dive deep into your vision, your wins and your challenges.

$350, 3-month minimum commitment 

Face-to-face chat + photoshoot

This is a three-hour workshop where we’ll talk about everything you want and need to grow your dream photography business. Once we’ve mapped out a vision board, we’ll follow the sun for a photoshoot during golden hour, where you can join me in the wild with clients or have headshots taken by yours truly. 


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Online courses: family, couple and wedding photographer education

Wedding Photography

A wedding day is an intricate melting pot of moments. This course takes you behind the scenes of four real-life weddings, so you can get a deep understanding of what makes each one special. You’ll also learn what’s required to ensure they flow and flourish under your guidance as chief memory catcher.

What you’ll learn:

  • Wedding photographer education: The ultimate tool-kit to capture every dazzling wedding moment
  • How to warmly and wisely connect with your clients throughout their wedding journey
  • How to pose couples at different wedding stages so they look and feel their best
  • How to engage with other vendors and photographers to ensure a seamless delivery

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Couples Photography

As photographers, it’s our job to create images that truly represent a couple’s love story and unique bond while also highlighting their individuality. Using behind-the-scenes footage from four couple sessions, this course will guide you through how to take couple photos that both you, and your clients, will love.

What you’ll learn:

  • The ultimate tool-kit to bring couples sessions to life
  • How to warmly and wisely connect with your couples as they entrust you with their story
  • How to pose couples authentically and beautifully, in a way that’s true to them
  • How to approach engagement and proposal sessions with grace and clarity.

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Family Photography

It’s an immense privilege to be welcomed to photograph an entire tribe and capture their unique family spirit. This photography education course unlocks all the tricks I’ve learned for turning apprehension into excitement and getting genuine warmth, energy and smiles out of every family member. With behind-the-scenes footage of a range of diverse and very special family sessions, you’ll learn how to tell family stories beautifully.

What you’ll learn:

  • The ultimate guide for showcasing a family’s essence
  • How to warmly and wisely connect with families as they entrust you with their story
  • How to paint the picture for families of all types - whether they’re a small brood, an abundant tribe, or celebrating an impending birth.

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"I had the best experience with Jill on our coaching call. I feel more confident and am so excited to use her advice in growing my business. HIGHLY recommend - she's the sweetest!"

- ALlie, AS Photography

"She inspired me to start my own business! She helped me get my first camera, taught me how to work it, set up all the BTS business stuff, showed me how to edit, and still allows me to shadow while being my biggest supporter!"

- Erkya, Eryka Nicole Photo

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